Who can come to the workshop? Am I too new to attend?
This is truly a workshop for every experience level & we see people all across the board, from havent even shot their first wedding yet to 10+ years in the business!! The great thing about Walk Through is that it meets you right where you are! We start by laying a good solid foundation so everyone is on the same page and then we add on to that layer after layer, building up our most advanced teaching. So for people just getting started, this is like an intense one stop shop bootcamp for getting your business off the ground. And for those who are more experienced, we are going to push you to finally break through to that next level youve been wanting to go with your work!

What should I bring?
All of your favorite gear to shoot a wedding including a one light set up if you have one, at least a 50mm and/or 85mm lens, your laptop & card reader, a notebook and pen, and an outfit for the mini head shots.

What is the Early Bird discount?
It is $250 off the registration to this two day workshop for people who sign up the first week registration is open.

Is there a payment plan available?
Yes! We will break the registration up into two payments for you, one now and one the month before the workshop. Which means you can lock in your seat with the Early Bird discount for just $775 by signing up TODAY!

Do you have any hotel/airport recommendations in the area?
We do! See the Travel section of the website!

Can I use these images in my portfolio?
You absolutely can! We will have two styled shoots during the workshop and you can use any of those images in your portfolio!

When should I plan to arrive?
We will be hosting an amazing styled candlelit welcome dinner at our home the night before the workshop begins starting at 7pm. So definitely plan to arrive in time for that!



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